Research Degree Insiders joins The Whisper Collective

Research Degree Insiders has joined The Whisper Collective, a community of bloggers and authors supporting researchers. 

Led by the Thesis Whisperer (Inger Mewburn), Research Whisperers (Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell) and Wellbeing Whisperer (Narelle Lemon), the collective brings together some of my long-term favourite blogs in this space, including Patter (Pat Thompson), Conference Inference (James Burton and Emily Frascatore), From PhD to Life (Jen Polk), Doctoral Writing SIG (Claire Aitchison, Susan Carter, Cally Guerin) and some new ones like the Post-Pandemic University (Mark Carrigan) and The Hidden Curriculum in Doctoral Education (Dely Elliot, Søren Bengtsen, Kay Guccione, Sofie Kobayashi). 

I even found some new fantastic blogs (how had I missed them?) and look forward to learning more from the Prolifiko team (Bec Evans and Chris Smith) and Viva Survivors (Nathan Ryder). 

Writing, research and being in a university are all collective efforts. I learn so much every day from reading other people in this space, listening to them, answering their questions, writing with them, being edited by them. The blog list includes one co-author, two series editors, two colleagues, some people I’ve chatted to at various events, as well as people I’ve never met–exactly as it should be.

You’ll recognise a number of these names have cropped up as regular references and links on this blog over the last 9 years, but I also appreciate the way that the collective covers so many elements of writing, researching, being in the university, progressing through the university. So I definitely encourage you to go and dig through the individual blogs, and add more virtual companions on your personal researcher journey.

The collective was also motivated by the fact that it’s getting harder to keep up with blogs you enjoy, even if you follow them on social media. The algorithms are so often adjusted to promote sponsored material or clickbait, instead of things we have said we actually want to read. We hope that The Whisper Collective home page can make it easier to find content that you want to read; or to discover new content that is equally reliable, generous, inspiring and useful.

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Succeeding in a Research Higher Degree

Doing a Research Higher Degree (like a PhD) is hard, but lots of people have succeeded and you can too. It’s easier if you understand how it works, this blog gives you the insider view.


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