Listen and get comfortable before you start writing

Over on the Whisper Collective Podcast, I’ve just released a series of audio recordings from the new book, Writing Well and Being Well for your PhD and Beyond.

In this second episode, I offer a way to check in at the beginning of a work session. You might want to add this to your writing playlist, either at the start or maybe you’ll need it more when you get a couple of hours in to your desk time!

As you sit down to work at your computer, check in with your task, time, energy, body and mind. What would make your writing five to ten percent more productive? What would make your writing five to ten percent more joyful, luxurious, or comfortable? 

As I wrote the first draft of this section, I was in an online writing group. Someone was  in bed with their camera off. Someone was on the sofa. People were alone in a room, or sharing with others. People were drinking water, tea, coffee and chai. People are eating snacks. 

Come and join us to make your own writing space perfect, for you, for now. 

Listen here, with links to all your favourite listening platforms:

This practice comes from Chapter 3, ‘Writing’ in Writing Well and Being Well for your PhD and Beyond. 

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash


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