Listen: sometimes you just need to breathe easy

Over on the Whisper Collective Podcast, I’ve just released a series of audio recordings from the new book, Writing Well and Being Well for your PhD and Beyond.

In this sixth practice, I walk you through the last of three breathing practices. This one is best if you are looking for balance. It’s hard to read and count and breathe, but it’s easy to breathe if someone else keeps count for you, so let me give you a hand.

Some days, what we need is moderation. Your breath can help you get into the right headspace for that too. Here is an equal breath practice for balanced thinking.

This exercise is all about the counting. It’s just complicated enough that you can’t multitask. The equal breathing means your brain should settle into a state that’s not too sleepy and not too fired up but just-Goldilocks-right for the task. 

Even everything out so you are balanced in this 2-minute breathing practice. 

Listen here, with links to all your favourite listening platforms:

This practice comes from Chapter 5, ‘Editing’  in Writing Well and Being Well for your PhD and Beyond. 

Photo by AMIR SAMOH on Unsplash


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