Blogs to read

Most of my reading list pages are books and articles… your traditional Reading List.  This one is online.  This is also a Top Ten. [updated, now 11.]

Literature Review HQ: funny, smart, focused on the Lit Review

Thesis Whisperer: what, you’re not reading her yet? run, don’t walk

PatterPat Thompson is the author of multiple books on doctoral writing 

Explorations of Style: the Five Key Strategies are great

College Ready Writingposter child for the alt-ac, aspiring tenure track 

GradHackerefficiency, technology, but mostly efficiency 

University of VenusGenX, female, in higher education? tick.

Sell Out your Soul: you got a higher degree in English and can’t get a job? 

Guardian Higher Education Networkget into the agora, academia is not just in the mind  

xkcdit pretends to be a comic, but it’s really a blog about research science 

PHD comic: it doesn’t even pretend to be a comic any more, but it does blog in drawings 


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