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Thesis Boot Camp

Thesis Boot Camp is a three-day writing intensive for late-stage doctoral candidates. Participants find it transformative, some write 20,000 words, some break through writer’s block, or learn strategies that help them make it to the finish line.

Adapted from successful models at leading research universities in the United States, this weekend-long, intensive writing program was the first of its kind in Australia. TBC supports late-candidature graduate researchers towards completion by providing them with the time, space, motivation and support to make significant progress on their thesis draft.

In 2013, Peta Freestone, Dr Liam Connell and I won a prize from the University of Melbourne for excellence and innovation in learning and teaching for Thesis Boot Camp. The Norman Curry Award for Innovations and Excellent in Educational Programs at the University of Melbourne. 

In 2021, we finally published what our editor calls ‘Thesis Boot camp in a book’, Your PhD Survival Guide.  

Creating resources to support people about to go on Thesis Boot Camp, or having just been to a camp, has been a driving force of this blog. 

Get in touch with my Thesis Boot Camp colleagues for the full TBC writing intensive program at your university:

Writing Masterclasses

I now offer face-to-face and online Writing Masterclasses suitable for any stage of completion, or area of study.

Popular workshops include:

  • a 2-day ‘Thesis Writing Masterclass’ intensive
  • 1-day workshop on ‘How to fix your academic writing troubles’;
  • and half-day workshops on writing and editing your research;
  • follow-up individual writing consultations.

Fill in the form to contact me about workshops for groups at your university. 

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Thesis Boot Camp changes lives, it energises writers, it gets seemingly hopeless theses back on track.

Resources to help you get the most out of your Thesis Boot Camp

Don’t try to hand in your 20,000 very rough words from a writing intensive into your supervisor. You’ll need to edit and polish them up first. 

So if you are heading off to a Thesis Boot Camp, or any similar writing intensives, here are the posts that will be most useful to you.

Read these blog posts before you attend the intensive

For afterwards, three posts on editing

If you want yet more

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