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When reading makes you feel like an imposter

What these students show is they see reading as an intelligence test. (To be fair, they probably learned this from school.) As a graduate student, they have been a ‘smart’ person all their life, but maybe now they are not smart, or not smart enough.

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Twitter Linkedin Envelope Twitter Linkedin Envelope About Who are the Insiders? Sometimes doing a research higher degree (like a PhD) can feel like entering a

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New blog design soon!

This weekend, we’ll be going offline to make some exciting changes to the look and structure of Research Degree Insiders. The blog hasn’t had a refresh in years, and new stuff has been added. It’s harder to find things, and there are challenges on the back end too.

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Twitter Linkedin Envelope Twitter Linkedin Envelope RECOMMENDATIONS Blog recommendations I learn a lot from the blogs below, and I think you will too. The humans

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