The Greatest Hits

New to the blog? Welcome! I hope that you find the tips, tricks, inside knowledge, magic formulae, and the view from the inside helpful as you research and write yourself towards a higher degree.  If you want to know what the blog is about, read Skunk Work and Edupunk first.

I often refer back to earlier posts, so you’ll probably come across these anyway soon enough if you hang around.  Here’s a quick reference to the posts that people have told me were the most helpful.

WordPress featured Sounds and silence and headspace on their Freshly Pressed Discover blog.

The Times Higher Education blog reposted The Five Biggest Reading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

On ‘just writing‘:

The ‘Perfect Sentence Vortex’ and how to avoid it

Writing ‘tics’

Generative writing and #shutupandwrite

Red Cabbage or [Insert Quote Here]

Think -> Write -> Edit -> Polish
by Katherine Firth

On engaging with your field:

Defining the field

The power of the reference

Building your argument on the corpses of your enemies


On Editing:

How to fix that terrible sentence

The Banana Test

Knowing the different stages of the writing process

A thesis is not a poem


On perfectionism, procrastination and the emotional shit:

Procrastination is not your fault

Why perfectionism is the least of your problems

That sick feeling after you have submitted an article

Should I go and do a Research Higher Degree?


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